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A short description

Everysim® is a cloud based simulation solution that allow commissioning of simulation models to the cloud. Everysim® supports six main functions:

1 - Dynamical modelica models

2 - Graphical model interfaces

3 - Real time acceleration

4 - Scenario based education

5 - Student progress follow-up

6 - User interaction through a web browser on device of choice.

Dynamical models are built and compiled in Dymola using the modelica language. The graphical use interface is built up in Inkscape™ mainly using a predefined graphical .svg object library that is supplied with everysim. A distributed shared memory (DSHM) is used for storing and exchanging values, synchronising data exchange, and allowing the user to accelerate or decelerate simulation speed. All files required to generate an Everysim® simulation are easily moved to the cloud using drag and drop from a local repository directly into the web browser. The built in possibilities to design operators training scenarios directly in the web browser in Everysim® can be applied in process training. Each simulation run is saved and stored for later evaluation regarding results for each user/student.

Everysim® architecture

Everysim® is a fully cloud-based application where the website, storage and cloud services are all placed in Azure. Each user work through the webbsite everysim.se and will get a dedicated cloud service, instance, when an exercise is allocated. When an exercise starts the graphical objects (svg-format) will be uploaded on the client and the simulation model will be loaded into the dedicated cloud service. Each user will require a cloud service, an instance, with the exercise which enables a smooth capacity scalability of the solution, e.g addition of new users. The communication between the client and the cloud service uses Websocket in order to manage connection and enabling interaction for thousands of triggers in the simulation model. Communication speed is a crucial aspect of everysim where real-time simulations are required in order to achieve a realistic operator feedback.

Since Everysim® is a web application scalability is inherent. Adding new users is very easy and fast and do not require hardware upgrades. All changes in the simulation solution are managed in one place and updates are pushed through the environment to all users at once.

Overview of Everysim® architecture

This is a image explaning the overview of Everysim® architecture

What will be tomorrow´s operators demand?

Gamification in web based dynamical simulations

At Swedish universities future process engineers and process developers are educated in master programs targeting specific branches of the industry, e.g. pulp and paper. Learning the fundamental dynamics of both unit processes and larger process sections encounter in the industry are of high importance for the students
Learn more how Lulea university of technology(LTU) uses Everysim® to educate future process engineers and future process developers. Download pdf file

Our Clients

“By using Everysim® for simulation we can go from weeks to hours in developing a more efficient control/regulation of a lime kiln. Simulation doesn´t require any production loss as compared to actual tests. By simulation we don't create unnecessary strain on our machines and equipment. Simulation doesn't impair production. In addition, we can test extreme scenarios who weren´t possible or desirable in the real production.”
Tomas Eriksson, CEO Optimation AB

"We see great opportunities with Everysim® for Valmet at the global market. Through everysim, we do not need to worry about local installations with need of customers hardware and software! This saves both lead-time, travel time, working hours and costs. With cloud based simulators as Everysim® we can significantly reduce the start-up time of a pulp mill or process parts"
Lars Almkvist, Managing Director of Valmet.

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